Racial profiling is the use of an individual's race or ethnicity by law enforcement personnel as a key factor in deciding wheter to engage in enforcement. Example of racial profiling in the U.S include Arifican Americans - commiting crimes, Hispanic and Latinos- illegal immigation, Arab and Muslims- Terrorism, and Chinese - Espinage and spying. 

Hyped Chinese spies cases in USA's media severely damage the image of average honest and hard-working Chinese American engineers and scientists. Typical examples include the case against Wen Ho Lee in 1999 and Bo Jiang in 2013.  Despite the hypes in US media, both were found not guilty in so-called spying speculations. 

A common pattern in these cases is that they were both charged with "lying to federal officiers" while they were trying to collaborate due to culture and language difference. 

Know the difference between law systems in China and USA can prepare engineers and scientists to avoid such pitfall or traps. 

We put a Chinese Translation of "Know your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement ", published by ACLU.

A simple reaction for any inquiries is to ask, do I have the rights to remain silienct and do I have the rights to see an attorney?

More details for this booklet are given here. 

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